End of Year Musings

I would have never guessed that I would have such a difficult ending to a year for the second year in a row.  In the space of 13 months, I lost two very dear people.  Half my immediate family, gone so quickly and unexpectedly.  So I have learned some very important lessons.

Never take your loved ones for granted.  Tell them you love them.  It really is such an easy thing to say, and there’s not a person alive who doesn’t like to hear those words.  When you get angry, don’t let it fester.  Forgive.  Let things go.  In the grand scope of things, is that $50 someone never paid back, or the party you weren’t invited to really that big a deal?  Cherish every moment with your family and friends (even the ones where they drive you mad!), because you never know when your time with them will be over.

And when that time is over, it’s so much easier to carry on when you are left with memories that can make you smile, than it is when you have guilt and regret over things that were said and done.  I’m so very grateful that the last words I said to both of those I lost were “I love you”.  I can’t imagine how hard this would have been if my last memories of them were hurtful and angry.

So I say farewell to the old year, and welcome in the new, and I look forward to sharing many more happy/crazy/frustrating moments with all the people in my life.


Pretty Siren

Got my Siren back from the framer’s today (lovely job by Cathy at Needle Craft World!) and she will be heading to the state fair next month!

Siren & Shipwreck completed!

Love how that chandelier settled right over the only aqua spot on the fabric.  She’s so pretty!!


Farewell to Mom

I’ve been having a really tough couple of weeks.  My mom passed away quite suddenly, and I’ve pretty much been in a daze since then what with making arrangements and having family fly in for the service.  It’s just not something I thought I’d have to deal with for several more years, and it’s come as a shock to the whole family.  She was such a great woman, and meant a lot to so many people.  I am so grateful for every day I had her in my life, and will miss her every day she no longer is.

I love you, Mom.


2/20/1944 – 10/29/2013


That…was a long time without stitching.  Kinda lost my mojo for a bit there.  However, I am trying to ease back into it and get this beauty done in time for the state fair.

Siren and Shipwreck from Mirabilia.  Top half complete!


I’m Alive! And I have a finish!

I really have still been stitching, I’ve just been very quiet about it.  😉

Here’s my completed Medieval Maiden from Joan Elliott.  First in her new series of historical ladies.


On to Mirabilia’s Siren and Shipwreck.  🙂

Winter Fairy Completed!

And you never even knew I’d started her!  😀


My other recent project was organization of my fabric stash.  Until recently, it was stored in plastic tubs under my bed.  No fun for ogling! So instead, I picked up some packs of acid-free comic book backing boards which I wrapped each fabric piece around, then arranged by color on a handy bookshelf.  In doing so, I realized I have no red pieces in my stash…the horror!  😉  But this is so much more fun to look at than the stacks in the tubs.

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