Adia completed!

Adia the Garden Fairy from Mirabilia.  Stitched on 28 count Enchanted Queen from Polstitches.

Those leave at the bottom were killer, as I had to finish them with one hand entirely useless, since it is all wrapped up from my carpal tunnel surgery.  Will be bringing this girl to the Mira retreat next week, soooo excited!  Especially since I get the bandages off and the stitches out the day before the trip.  😀




WIP: Adia

Have not been able to stitch much in the last couple of months due to some partially numb fingers.  Turns out, I have carpal tunnel syndrome.  So much fun.  Still, the stitching must go on!  Here is my current WIP, which I hope to have finished in the next month so I can take a new project to work on at the Mirabilia Retreat in Ohio.


Also, I entered a couple of pieces in the Florida State Fair this year, and took home 2 blue ribbons and a Best of Show (my first!), so very excited about that.  🙂

IMG_3575 IMG_3576

Pretty Siren

Got my Siren back from the framer’s today (lovely job by Cathy at Needle Craft World!) and she will be heading to the state fair next month!

Siren & Shipwreck completed!

Love how that chandelier settled right over the only aqua spot on the fabric.  She’s so pretty!!



That…was a long time without stitching.  Kinda lost my mojo for a bit there.  However, I am trying to ease back into it and get this beauty done in time for the state fair.

Siren and Shipwreck from Mirabilia.  Top half complete!


Winter Fairy Completed!

And you never even knew I’d started her!  😀


My other recent project was organization of my fabric stash.  Until recently, it was stored in plastic tubs under my bed.  No fun for ogling! So instead, I picked up some packs of acid-free comic book backing boards which I wrapped each fabric piece around, then arranged by color on a handy bookshelf.  In doing so, I realized I have no red pieces in my stash…the horror!  😉  But this is so much more fun to look at than the stacks in the tubs.

Shakespeare’s Fairies Completed!


Love the way the skin turned out, but man it sure was a PITA to do!


This one will be going to the fair next week; fingers crossed for a ribbon. 🙂

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