Adia completed!

Adia the Garden Fairy from Mirabilia.  Stitched on 28 count Enchanted Queen from Polstitches.

Those leave at the bottom were killer, as I had to finish them with one hand entirely useless, since it is all wrapped up from my carpal tunnel surgery.  Will be bringing this girl to the Mira retreat next week, soooo excited!  Especially since I get the bandages off and the stitches out the day before the trip.  😀




Update on me

Nearly finished with Adia, just have the leaves along the bottom left.  Which is good, since I am going in for carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand tomorrow.  Won’t be able to use that hand for anything for 2 weeks afterwards, so I will need to stitch the leaves one-handed.  At least the hand will be somewhat workable for the Mira retreat!

Will also be having surgery on my right hand in a couple months, after the left hand recovers.  That will be interesting since I am right-handed, but I will manage.  🙂