WIP: Plum Pudding

In a deviation from my usual style, I am currently working on Plum Pudding from Glendon Place.  Love the purples, they look much nicer in person than in the pic!  😀

Been having a tough time of it in 2013.  Broke a tooth a few months back that required a crown.  It started aching, and then another crowned tooth started twinging when I chewed.  Turns out in the first tooth the nerve died and I had an abscess, and the other tooth was cracked and the nerve was also starting to die.  Both needed a root canal.  Since they were on opposite sides of my mouth, they were done separately, 5 days apart.  Fun.

For the abscess, I was given a 1 week prescription for amoxicillin.  A week later, I am finally pain free…and I wake up the next morning with a rash all over my chest.  Throughout the day, the rash spread up my neck, and my arms started to speckle.  I got home, took Benedryl, and hoped for the best.  When morning came, my face and chest looked sunburned, and I had speckles everywhere else on my body.  No itching thank goodness, I just looked like a plague carrier.  After a visit to the clinic, I am informed that I was most likely having a reaction to the antibiotic, since nothing else in my routine had changed, and it was my first time taking any penicillin based drugs.  Apparently, my body does not like them.  So I get yet another prescription for prednisone, to help with the redness and swelling.

Good times, right?  At least my skin is almost back to normal.  Yay for my first allergic response!  May it be the last for many years to come.  😉

Hope everyone else is having an easier go of it so far this year!


Shakespeare’s Fairies Completed!


Love the way the skin turned out, but man it sure was a PITA to do!


This one will be going to the fair next week; fingers crossed for a ribbon. 🙂

Mirabilia Weekend retreat

In case you hadn’t heard, there will be a Mirabilia Minions Retreat in Greenville, SC on April 19-21.  Deadline to sign up is the end of this month.  And guess what?  Nora Corbett will be at the retreat too!

I plan to drive up myself, so if any of you wants to go, and is on the way from central Florida to Greenville, I’m happy to have you car pool with me!  Just send me a message.  🙂