Shakespeare’s Faeries WIP

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  It’s back to work tomorrow for me.  Yay.  😛


Anyway, here are the girls, as of tonight.  I faked the ‘missing’ arm on the middle fairy, and gave her a face; I thought she looked a little awkward with her face turned so far away from the front with the position she is in.  Unless she’s part owl…



Christmas Freebies!

Everyone loves a free pattern, right?  Well, Dragon Dreams is running a series of ornament sized freebies on their Facebook page.  It’s the 12 Days of Christmas with a cute little dragon twist, and so far the first 6 have been released.  Check them out!


Shakespeare’s Faeries WIP

Still plugging away on this.  I have a deadline of mid-January now, as I have signed it up as an entry in the state fair.  No pressure!  😉


I am still slowly stitching away.  Trying to get my Shakespeare’s Faeries done in time to enter in the state fair in February.  The 1-over-1 skin is taking forever to do!  Here’s how they look right now:

Also, I broke out my loom and have been practicing weaving.  Here’s my 2nd try at a scarf:

And to round out with personal news, last week I made my first visit to a doctor for an injury.  The incident involved darkness, the cat, a metal box, and my head.  The result was 4 stitches: