Gift swap

My weekly yarnies group (that I stitch at, yes!) has a gift swap this summer.  It was themed so that we all listed some favorites like books, movies, TV series, and then hand made an item pertaining to one of those favorites for the person whose name we drew. My person mentioned liking Firefly, and pointed toward Wash and his dinosaurs as a favorite scene, so I came up with this gift: Now for myself, I mentioned how much I loved the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett.  My person (the wonderful and talented Lydia!) crocheted me this completely awesome item:



WIP Update

It’s been a tough month, and I hadn’t really been in a stitchy groove.  I did spend a weekend at a stitch retreat which has helped get my mojo back.  So here is my offering:

And here are the last 2 RR pieces I stitched:


Copyright or Copywrong?

Just a reminder, everyone…