Weekend plans

Well, I was going to start right in on stitching Stargazer on Jocelyn’s RR, but I went out and did this instead:

So now of course I have to wash, top, and cut them all up.  All 24 quarts of them.  And then bag some for the freezer.  And make some jam. And a strawberry shortcake.  🙂

Have a berry sweet weekend, everyone!


Overdue update

Well, I am once more gainfully employed.  It is a temporary position through a staffing agency, but it is full time and pays well, so no complaints here.  Except, of course, less time for stitching!

Here’s what I have been up to.  Stitched this piece for Debbie’s Joan Elliott Round Robin:

Just received Jocelyn’s piece for the Mira Round Robin, but I probably won’t start on that until the weekend.  I want to get in a few days on Forest Goddess, she has been neglected for too long.  😀

I’ve also finished mounting and framing all my Seasonal fairies:



And after much measuring and climbing up and down the step ladder, I have filled up one of the boring, bare walls in my living room!

Fair results…

And here are the three I entered in the fair, just picked them up tonight.  Summer Fairy got 1st place, South Seas Mermaid got 2nd place, and the giraffes got 3rd!  🙂


2012 Round Robins!

Well, here’s what I’ve been working on getting finished.  The Garden Fairies piece is for my Joan Elliott round Robin, and the other is my Mirabilia round robin.  Those cutout sections got really boring to stitch after a while!

The Joan Elliott piece has been sent off to the next stitcher, and the Mirabilia piece gets sent out next week.



Also, here is the status of my Forest Goddess, who I will now get back to stitching on for a little bit before I work on the next round of my RRs.  🙂

And the winner is….

Lisa Brown!

Please send me an e-mail when you get a chance so I can get your mailing address.  🙂