New toys!

Today, armed with a 40% off coupon and a gift card (Christmas present from my brother) I descended upon Michaels Craft Store like an avenging angel.  I had a mission, and I would not accept failure.  I would take no prisoners.

I would, however, spend a grand total of $8 on a mat cutting kit.  I now have the ability to custom make my own mats for my completed cross stitch project!  Granted, they will be fairly simple straight-edged mats with no curves or embellishments, but I will now be able to get bargain price, oddball sized frames at yard sales/Goodwill and not have to worry about the store bought ‘standard’ size mats fitting into.  Plus, those plain rectangular cuts get boring after a while.

I hope to eventually graduate to curved cuts, but for now I’ll just try doing some interesting things with cutouts and corners.  🙂

Here’s my first effort!


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