2011 in stitches

Time to bid farewell to another year, and prepare for the new.  2011 was a very good stitching year for me, although not so great on the employment front.  The two may be related.  🙂

So here’s what I managed to complete this year; considering my initial plans were simply the 4 Seasonal Fairies from Joan Elliott, and maybe a present for my mother, I did pretty darn good.


Tentative 2012 plans:

I have joined two Round Robins, one for Mirabilia, and one for Joan Elliott.  In addition to those, I had previously started a RR type design on my own that I plan to finish, featuring Mirabilia faries.  My first Large project will be South Seas Mermaid, and I also have plans to eventually stitch the collection of 25 (so far) Couture Pixies from Nora Corbett.  We’ll see how many I can finish this year.  It will definitely be the year of Nora!  But Joan Elliott is also coming out with a new Garden Fairy series, and I may get sidetracked by those.  Who knows?  I would love to get a Passione Ricamo design stitched, but they are just so much larger than the others.  I may pick one and just work on it a little every month.

Hope everyone else has as productive a stitching year as I did, and even if you didn’t, as long as you enjoyed every moment of stitching time you did get in, it was a year well worth it.  See you in 2012!


Autumn Fairy WIP

So nice to be stitching this one again!  Don’t think I’ll quite finish her by the end of the year, but I’ll still count her as a 2011 finish.  😉

Completed Giraffe!

After 11 long months, and an entire day’s worth of grueling backstitching, it’s finally done!!


You have no idea how happy I am to be able to get back to other projects.  😀

Giraffe WIP Update

Stayed up late (early?) because I wanted to finish the mama giraffe’s head.  I think another 3, possibly 4 days of stitching should see this done.  The backstitching is what is going to kill me; the fabric is aida, and almost every backstitch will have to go through the middle of the blocks.  Definitely going to need to switch to a sharp needle for that.  sigh

Giraffe WIP Update

Moving right along.  Although I did manage to grab the wrong thread to stitch with, and ended up having to frog about 45 minutes of work and restitch it correctly.  Plus, I think I have permanent holes in my thumb and middle finger from repeated needle stabbings.


And yesterday, I made this frogger out of a spare size 24 needle and some beads.  Good thing, since I ended up using it today!

Giraffe WIP Update

Slowly coming along.  I have half a giraffe, anyway.  11 more stitching days left!

Completed Dragon of the Sea

One more Christmas present completed!

Stitched on 32 count Caribbean linen from Crossed Wing Collection.