Tentative 2012 stitch list

One project that I will work on next year is Claire de Lune from Nimue.  Other than that one, I would like to complete the Couture Fairies from Nora Corbett.  There are currently 24, don’t know if she will add more.  And I know I won’t get them all stitched next year, but I want to see how many I can get done in between my other stitch projects; I’ll tentatively shoot for 4-6 of them as a goal.  I would eventually like to have the full set.  Some are not as much to my tastes as other, but some are just stunning, and honestly they are all really pretty.

I also plan to work on a Mirabilia sampler.  I haven’t been able to find a Round Robin to participate in, so I am doing something with a similar type of design by myself.  I will be gridding 8 2500 stitch sections and stitching portions of 8 of the fairies in them.

There’s also the Trick or Treat fairy from Nora Corbett that I think is wonderful.  Managed to snag an old issue of CS&N on ebay that had it, lucky me!  If I get a good fabric through one of my FOTM clubs, I may do that one as well.

Of course, I will try to complete the Tree of Hope that has been stalled for a bit, but I mostly have just the brown of the tree left, and that is so bleh to stitch.  😉

I may or may not try and stitch the Morning Fae design from Passione Ricamo.

Whew!  I’m tired just thinking about all that!


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