Under the sea…

Dyed with a mermaid pattern in mind.  Oddly enough, this was a lovely mix of blues and greens…until I rinsed it.  For some reason, all the yellows rinsed out of the greens, and I was left with nothing but the blues!  Still, I think it turned out nice.  Will have to try some different greens next time, not sure what went wrong with the ones I used.


Giraffe WIP Update

Just to prove I am really working on this, as slow as it may be going.  1 month left, need to get on the ball to get this done in time!  At least the other two WIPs for Christmas should only take 2 or 3 days each.  Which gives me about 3 weeks to get this one done.  Blah!


Raffle Results!

The winner of the fabric giveaway is Tanya W.!

Thanks everyone for entering. Tanya, I will be sending you an e-mail shortly to get your shipping info.

Completed Lilly Pixie!

Stitched on 28 count evenweave that I hand-dyed.  Now, back to my Christmas stitching.



Fabric Giveaway!

Ok, you all know how I enjoy test dying fabric. Usually, I use linen or evenweaves, as these are what I like to stitch on. I’m not a huge fan of using Aida. However, I had some pieces of Aida handy when I was in a creative mood, so I came up with these two:


Now, since there is a 98% chance that I will never stitch on this fabric myself, I am offering it up as a free gift! Think of this as a raffle. Anyone who is interested in this fabric, send me a message at steffie.c@verizon.net. If you are unable to enter via e-mail, feel free to leave a comment here instead.  Only one ‘entry’ per person, lol! I will ‘draw’ a name at random on Saturday (the 19th), and the lucky person will receive both these fabrics.

Details on the fabric:
starburst: 14 count aida, 8″ x 9″
gradient purples: 14 count aida, 8.5″ x 14.5″

Please note, the aida is leftovers from kits where I swapped out fabric, and is fairly stiff.  

No limits on country of residence for etrants.  Just keep in mind that I’m in the US, so if a non-US person wins, it may take a bit longer for the fabric to arrive.  🙂


Update 11/19/11: The raffle is closed and a winner has been drawn.  Congratulations, Tanya W!  Please check your e-mail.  🙂  Everyone else, thank you for entering.  I will likely be holding other raffles in the future for more hand-dyed aida.  I have several blank pieces of it from old kits where I swapped fabrics, so keep an eye out for future chances!

WIP – Pixie Couture: Lily

I’m working on Christmas stuff.  Really!  I swear I didn’t start any new projects!

Oh god, I have no self control…

Autumn Fairy WIP

So I just realized that I had never posted my last update of the Autumn Fairy before I put her on hold to do my Christmas stitching. So here is how she currently looks, and she likely won’t be updated again for at least a month.

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