I really am stitching…

I just can’t post anything as I am currently working on some Christmas gifts.  I have a couple finished already, but posting pictures here could result in spoilers for the recipients, as they do know about this blog.  So, you will all just have to wait in suspense to see some things, mwah-hahahahaha!!!!!


Sorry.  But really, I have 2 knit, 1 crochet, and 5+ cross stitch projects to get started done in the next two months.  One should be done tomorrow.  I may also stitch some smaller designs to make into ornaments as ‘just in case’ gifts for surprise visitors.  I like everyone who comes to get at least one present.  Nothing like working under pressure!  Fortunately, most of them are things I can get done in like 3-5 days; only that evil giraffe design for my mother might take longer.  sigh

Also, I need to make some strawberry jam for this sweet, 91 year old gentleman who has been a wonderful friend to my mother, and who adores my jam.  🙂

And in case you were wondering, yes, this does mean that the Autumn Fairy is on hold until I finish the Christmas gifts.


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