Christmas Stitching

So I have finished one of my stitch projects that is a Christmas gift, but you wont be able to see it for a couple of months as I know for sure the recipient has access to this blog.  (Insert evil laughter here.)  I will try and get the dragon one for my brother finished in the next week, so you will be able to see that.  Then another smaller one to finish as a gift for a friend, that one should take about a week as well but will have to wait to be posted.  Then I think I will do a smaller JE Christmas design to make into an ornament; that one I will post here.  And that will leave me with just the giraffe one to finish.

That blasted giraffe haunts me…

Today I should finish another knitting project, which would leave me with one more knit and one crochet project to complete.

I think that is all I still have to do for gifts.  Well, other than framing/mounting finished pieces.  And then I will be able to get back to the Autumn Fairy.  😀


I really am stitching…

I just can’t post anything as I am currently working on some Christmas gifts.  I have a couple finished already, but posting pictures here could result in spoilers for the recipients, as they do know about this blog.  So, you will all just have to wait in suspense to see some things, mwah-hahahahaha!!!!!


Sorry.  But really, I have 2 knit, 1 crochet, and 5+ cross stitch projects to get started done in the next two months.  One should be done tomorrow.  I may also stitch some smaller designs to make into ornaments as ‘just in case’ gifts for surprise visitors.  I like everyone who comes to get at least one present.  Nothing like working under pressure!  Fortunately, most of them are things I can get done in like 3-5 days; only that evil giraffe design for my mother might take longer.  sigh

Also, I need to make some strawberry jam for this sweet, 91 year old gentleman who has been a wonderful friend to my mother, and who adores my jam.  🙂

And in case you were wondering, yes, this does mean that the Autumn Fairy is on hold until I finish the Christmas gifts.

Knitting project!

This still counts as stitching, right?  🙂

My second ever finished knitting project.  The first was a set of fingerless gloves, but I need to block those to get a decent pic.  This one is a gift for one of my brothers.

Cross Stitch Collection issue 202

Hey look, one of my suggestions that I posted on the CSC Facebook page made it into the magazine!  This is the November issue, #202.  Plus, they asked to put my finished Mystical Mermaid design in an upcoming issue, so that may show up soon as well.

Finished Mystical Mermaid

So I got the mermaid finished and hung today!

Spooky freebies!

Everyone loves free charts!  And Halloween is creeping up on us, so of course you need some themed projects to do.  Well you’re in luck!  There is a new 2011 Halloween freebie available from the fabulous Passione Ricamo.   Not only that, you can also take the chance to pick up the freebies from past years.

Here is a sneak peak of this year’s design:

There are 7 other Halloween designs available.  Get your free charts here!