Autumn Fairy WIP

And here is how she is looking!  I love the colors on this one, and her gorgeous  long hair.  🙂


Autumn Fairy WIP

Today I started the final one of Joan’s Seasonal Fairies – the Autumn Fairy.  Think I did a good first day’s work.  🙂

Stitching her on 32 count Nature’s Grace Lugana from Polstitches.  Mmmm, fabric sniffing time…

Mystical Mermaid Completed!

Finished with one day to spare before I start the Autumn Fairy.  Yay!!!

Love how she turned out, very sparkly with all the beads and metallics.

Mystical Mermaid WIP

Stitching away, slower than usual because I’m also working on knitting projects.  Still, another week should see her done.

Mystical Mermaid WIP

I stitched today!  Almost done with the top section, just need to finish out the seaweed, hair, outlining and beads.  Then I only have the tail to do on the bottom section.  And the way the pattern was published in the magazine, the bottom section is only about 1/3 of the pattern, so I’m really just about 2/3 done with her.  🙂


I have a confession to make.

I have not stitched in a couple weeks.

I know!  I’m such a rotten person.  sigh

I actually am trying my hand a knitting, and am working on a few small Christmas gifts for family.  I still hope to get the mermaid done in the next 2 weeks so I can be ready to start the Autumn Fairy.  Really looking forward to working on that one!