You know, it’s really odd how it takes me as long to do a smaller project as it does to do a large one.  I don’t mean actual stitching time, but days from start to finish.  Honestly, I hate stitching ‘fiddly bits’, ie small sections of color.  I much prefer when there are larger areas of color and I don’t have to keep swapping out threads.  So when I’m working on a larger project, I have no problem stitching for hours at a time.  But I get annoyed with it on smaller projects, so after an hour or two I tend to go off and do something else.

Colors are also a factor.  I can not stand stitching bland colors.  White areas bore me, and neutral colors can just be so blah.  Which would probably be why I keep putting off that giraffe project.

Maybe I’ll have to shake up my stitching routine a little; start a large project and work on it for most of the day’s stitching time, and then spend an hour or so on a smaller project so I can get those done.  And that blasted giraffe…

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  1. MysteryKnitter
    May 24, 2012 @ 17:34:17

    My stitching is not “real” stitching like yours, but I understand your POV. I stitch on stamped Penelope canvas, and I understand your complaining about colors. I feel the same as you.


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