Mystical Mermaid WIP

Here’s my current status on this one.  I’ve also decided that I will devote at least one whole day each week to those dratted Christmas gifts.  Even the giraffe.  😀

I did change her hair colors to be a lighter blonde.


Mystical Mermaid WIP

I have no shame.  Yes, I started yet another WIP.  Please don’t laugh at me.  I can’t help my lack of self control.


Joan Elliott’s new Mystical Mermaid pattern that was just published in the latest issue of Cross Stitch Collection.  Stitching it on 32 count ‘Deep Sea’ linen from Crossed Wing Collection.

Still alive – WIP Update!

Yes, I am still stitching, although I have been taking it easy these last couple of weeks and catching up on some reading.  Still, there has been a little progress on the three Christmas gifts, and on the Tree of Hope.  Not much, but it’s something.  I’m thinking I’ll try to concentrate on the giraffe for the next week, and then switch off to the other Christmas gift projects.  Guess we’ll see how well that goes.  🙂


And OMG, it shames me to admit it, but I decided to dabble with petit point and am periodically working on the Evolution of Mario design that was posted in the SpriteStitch forums.  Please don’t mock me.  😉  Anyway, I am stitching this one using a tent stitch, 2 threads over 1, on 32 count Autumn Field Lugana from Needleworker’s Delight.  I really like this color fabric, it has a sort of old-world parchment look to it that I think would suit so many patterns.  Mostly, I decided to stitch it petit point because it is such a large design, and that was the only way it would ever fit on any of the fabrics already in my stash.


You know, it’s really odd how it takes me as long to do a smaller project as it does to do a large one.  I don’t mean actual stitching time, but days from start to finish.  Honestly, I hate stitching ‘fiddly bits’, ie small sections of color.  I much prefer when there are larger areas of color and I don’t have to keep swapping out threads.  So when I’m working on a larger project, I have no problem stitching for hours at a time.  But I get annoyed with it on smaller projects, so after an hour or two I tend to go off and do something else.

Colors are also a factor.  I can not stand stitching bland colors.  White areas bore me, and neutral colors can just be so blah.  Which would probably be why I keep putting off that giraffe project.

Maybe I’ll have to shake up my stitching routine a little; start a large project and work on it for most of the day’s stitching time, and then spend an hour or so on a smaller project so I can get those done.  And that blasted giraffe…

Mermaids of the Deep Blue Completed!

I really enjoyed this project.  Experimenting with alternate colors was new, and I adore how the final piece turned out:

Here are the color conversions I used:

Right mermaid (wine shades)

Blue and green fins remained the same


  • 165 ->3608
  • 166 -> 3607
  • 704 -> 917
  • 905 -> 915
  • 937 -> 814
  • Kreinik 015 -> 024

Left mermaid (purple shades)


  • 165 ->554
  • 166 -> 553
  • 704 -> 552
  • 937 -> 550
  • Kreinik 015 -> 012


  • 964 -> (same)
  • 3816 -> 959
  • 163 -> 958
  • 924 -> 3812
  • 3031 -> 924


  • 729 -> 728
  •  420 -> 783
  •  420/3031 -> 781
  •  3031 -> 780

All beads remained the same