Mermaid WIP Update

I’ve just started on the top part of the second mermaid, which is the one I am converting to purples.  Unfortunately, I discovered that the Kreinik braid I picked out of my stash to use in this section happened to be #8 instead of #4.  Not sure how a #8 snuck into my stash as I have never used it, but this did necessitate me having to order the right size.  Bother.

Also, I decided I wanted this mermaid to have lighter hair than the other, so I am also converting the colors for that.  I will start work on the hair tomorrow, so hopefully it will come out nicely.  The fins I will keep the same colors, because I like the contrast it has with the new colors of the bodies.  Also, I’m not a fan of the blended colors.  Just so you know.  😛

Lots of bling on this design with all the metallics and beads.  I’ve attached over 500 beads so far, and there is something like 2200+ beads in all.  Yowser!


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