I need a local needlework shop

Well, I’m stuck on the letter E.  All the stitching is finished, it just needs the beads, and I am waiting on them to arrive.  I was only able to partially get the beading done.  So that one is on hold for a day or so until my order comes.   I really hate having to order everything other than DMC.  The nearest needlework shop is a 50 mile drive, and I would spend more on gas than I would on shipping for an online order.  I just like immediate gratification.

In the meantime, my brother requested a dragon design for Christmas, and of the ones he said he liked, I have selected the Dragon of the Sea by Joan Elliott, from the book Magical Cross Stitch.  I had all the necessary items for it except for one color of bead, and 2 DMC.  Doesn’t it just figure that I would need one more pack of beads, after I’ve already sent in my order?  Sigh…  I may just substitute in some blue ones.  He’ll never know.  😉

I will be stitching the Sea Dragon on 32 count linen in the Caribbean colorway from Crossed Wing Collection.


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