Mermaid WIP Update

Latest update.  I really love how the conversions are coming out.  I did have a bit of a snafu with the Kreinik today.  Stitched a couple hundred of the pink stitches, then realized the first column I miscounted and stitched 2 extra, which threw off everything after that.  So of course I had to pick out all those stitches.    And then with the purple, I seem to have gotten a bum spool.  It has random patches about 6-8 inches long where the braid is about half as thick as it should be, so I had to keep clipping smaller pieces around these.  Very annoying.  Still, these little jewels are coming along nicely.  😀


Mermaid WIP Update

I’ve just started on the top part of the second mermaid, which is the one I am converting to purples.  Unfortunately, I discovered that the Kreinik braid I picked out of my stash to use in this section happened to be #8 instead of #4.  Not sure how a #8 snuck into my stash as I have never used it, but this did necessitate me having to order the right size.  Bother.

Also, I decided I wanted this mermaid to have lighter hair than the other, so I am also converting the colors for that.  I will start work on the hair tomorrow, so hopefully it will come out nicely.  The fins I will keep the same colors, because I like the contrast it has with the new colors of the bodies.  Also, I’m not a fan of the blended colors.  Just so you know.  😛

Lots of bling on this design with all the metallics and beads.  I’ve attached over 500 beads so far, and there is something like 2200+ beads in all.  Yowser!

New WIPs!

Here are my newest projects.  Two WIPs, just because I get tired of working on the smaller one.  😉

This one is a Christmas gift for my brother.  He requested a dragon design, and this was one of the ones he liked.  It is the Dragon of the Sea design by Joan Elliott, from the book Magical Cross Stitch.  I am stitching it on 32 count linen in the Deep Sea colorway from Crossed Wing Collection.

And this is the Mermaids of the Deep Blue from Mirabila.  I am stitching it on 32 count Lugana in the Neptune colorway from Polstitches.  I overdyed the fabric with a pale blue because I thought that would work better with the colors.  I decided to convert the green mermaids to different colors, and decided on shades of wine and purple.  I really like how the first one is coming out, although I did have to rip out stitches a few times when I decided I didn’t like a couple of the colors I’d originally chosen.

Letter E Pixie Complete

Finally got the beads I was waiting on, so I was able to finish this one for my second niece.  I did swap out some beads; I did not like how the large 16011 beads looked on the design, so I used 02038 instead.  I also substituted 40168 for the 02026 and used a combination of 02011 and 42011 because the areas with several beads in a row looked all bunchy with the larger sizes, so I had to use smaller beads to fit on the 32 count fabric correctly.  I like how it turned out.  🙂

Now to work on the dragon my brother requested, and then get some more work done on that pesky giraffe design for my mother.

I need a local needlework shop

Well, I’m stuck on the letter E.  All the stitching is finished, it just needs the beads, and I am waiting on them to arrive.  I was only able to partially get the beading done.  So that one is on hold for a day or so until my order comes.   I really hate having to order everything other than DMC.  The nearest needlework shop is a 50 mile drive, and I would spend more on gas than I would on shipping for an online order.  I just like immediate gratification.

In the meantime, my brother requested a dragon design for Christmas, and of the ones he said he liked, I have selected the Dragon of the Sea by Joan Elliott, from the book Magical Cross Stitch.  I had all the necessary items for it except for one color of bead, and 2 DMC.  Doesn’t it just figure that I would need one more pack of beads, after I’ve already sent in my order?  Sigh…  I may just substitute in some blue ones.  He’ll never know.  😉

I will be stitching the Sea Dragon on 32 count linen in the Caribbean colorway from Crossed Wing Collection.

Letter E Pixie WIP

I started the other Christmas gift yesterday, and here is how it is looking now. I haven’t added beads yet at the bottom, because I need to get a smaller size for them to fit correctly in the long rows.

Happy accident!

I just dyed the most stunning piece of fabric, and I did it completely by accident.

I wanted a deep blue sparkly fabric, so I took a cut of opalescent lugana and my two darkest blue dyes, and went to work.  The result was less than stunning…a plain, dark periwinkle sort of blue.  It bored me.

Not being one to waste, I decided to overdye it with a dark purple.  Can’t go wrong with a sparkly purple fabric, right?  Well, after letting it sit in the dye overnight, then rinsing (and rinsing…and rinsing) to get the excess dye out, I was left with a plain, medium purple fabric.  Not nearly as dark as I had hoped.

After thinking about it a bit, I realized I didn’t add any salt to my dye, so I figured what the heck.  Let’s put it in another purple dye bath, this time with the salt.  So I mixed more dye, added salt, and dumped the fabric in overnight once more.

Again, it took much rinsing to get the excess dye out, but what I was left with was this:

I love it with a passion.  So, a series of ‘oops’ resulted in one of the prettiest fabrics in my stash.  How’s that for trial and error?  😀

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