Summer Fairy WIP Update

Well, today I managed to punch the blunt end of a beading needle under the skin of my thumb.  It went down about a half an inch.  Ouch!  Note to self, use a thimble!  😛

I seem to be zipping right along with this fairy.  At the rate I’m going, she should be finished in another week or two.


Summer Fairy WIP Update

Well, here she is after 1 week of work.  I’ve been stitching like a fiend, lol!  I should have the top half finished tomorrow; there’s just a couple ribbons, some beading, and backstitching of the wings left to do.

Summer Fairy WIP Update

Did a lot of backstitching today, which is always such fun.  I’m thinking I should have the hair and wings all done by Monday or Tuesday, we’ll see.  I like to aim high, lol!

Haven’t quite finished the last curl on one of the ribbons, but the stitching wouldn’t fit in my current frame, and I didn’t feel like moving up to a larger size yet.  I’ll get that bit with my next update.  🙂

Summer Fairy WIP

Started the new design today!  This is the Summer Fairy designed and ©Joan Elliott.  I am stitching it on 32 count Heaven’s Above Lugana from Polstitches.  I do so love these fairies! 🙂

Tree of Hope WIP Update

Well, here is the last ‘official’ day of stitching on this project, as I will be starting the Summer Fairy tomorrow.  Of course, I’m sure by now you all know how well I stick to schedules, so it is quite likely that I will sneak in some more stitching on this one here and there.  😉

Tree of Hope WIP Update

I did end up taking out the first set of gold beads.  I will need to order a smaller size of them that will fit better in the corner scroll motifs.  I may still use the larger beads for the areas that only have single ones, but I will wait to get the smaller ones and make sure they match in color.

Oh, and please ignore the brown splotch in the middle of the fabric where I had to pull out stitches.  It will eventually be covered by other stitches once I get back up to that section.

Sometimes, I could kick myself…

I really need to learn to count better, I guess.  I started to stitch in the lighter brown on the trunk of the Tree of Hope design when I realized something.  About an inch up the trunk, I had stitched one too many crosses in a column of the dark brown.  Now of course, since I actually started the design in the center and worked my way down, and then branched out (forgive the pun) from there, everything else I had already stitched was aligned with the bottom part of the trunk.  So what I ended up having to do was tear out the stitches that were above the ‘oops’, which was probably 2 hours of work.  Sigh.

And of course the most annoying part is that the thread I pulled out was dark brown, and left little dark brown fibers all in the spots where there were stitches.  At least they will end up getting covered when I stitch in the rest of the trunk.

Not to mention that while I was stitching the fence motif behind the trunk, I realized I’d stitched a couple spots with the light brown that were supposed to have been left empty to contain parts of the fence.  It was 2 stitches, so I didn’t even bother to correct it.  I just consider it a creative interpretation of the pattern.  😀

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