Inspirations: Final of Four completed

Last one is done!  Now I just need to find some cute frames for these.  🙂


Inspirations: Third of Four completed

Third one in the series done!  Just have the “Believe” one left now.  These are going to look so pretty once they’re framed.  😀

Inspirations: Second of Four completed

Just stitched this one over the last few days.  I am going to try and finish the other two this week as well.  After that, who knows?  😀

Completed Spring Fairy!

Nine weeks after starting on her, I have finally finished!  Isn’t she just lovely?  😀

You can also follow the picture progress of this one on the completed Spring Fairy Project page.

Summer Fairy is scheduled to start in 3 weeks, in the meantime I will probably work on a couple of small projects.  I’d like to get the others in the Inspirations series done.

Spring Fairy WIP Update

Almost finished!  My next update on this one should be the completed project.

Oh, and for you Joan Elliott fanatics out there, I strongly recommend you head to your local bookstore or craft store and pick up a copy of the limited edition The Ultimate Joan Elliott Cross Stitch Collection.  It contains 44 awesome patterns for only $20, so it’s really a steal.  Just a word of advice, though; I called my Barnes and Noble ahead of time and was told they didn’t have it, but when I went in person just a little later, I found it in stock.  I got the last one on the shelf.  🙂  And it was stocked with the craft magazines.

Spring Fairy WIP Update

Well, other than some backstitching which I will need to do after I’ve stitched in all the various items around her feet, the fairy herself is pretty much finished.  Yay!  Started on the remaining items, and I don’t think it should take me more than another week to finish her up.  It will be so wonderful to have her completed!

Spring Fairy WIP Update

I have a confession to make. I spent the last three days catching up on my reading instead of working on the fairy. Please try not to be disappointed in my priorities. 😀

I did get back to stitching today, so here is how she looks.

Still have a bunch of backstitching to do, though…as always.

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