Change is good…very, VERY good

It’s interesting to be confronted with the reality of how one’s stitching changes over time.  I suppose it happens gradually, so you don’t really notice it.  But I have just seen proof that my earlier pieces were really, really messy!

I am in the process of cleaning/re-framing one of my earlier pieces that was a gift for my mother.  It’s been hanging on the wall for 15 years or so, and has gotten some minor debris inside the glass. When I removed the piece, I flipped it over, and was mortified by what I found.  Did I really have such messy backs on my pieces?  It was horrifying!  I didn’t even have threads tucked under properly!

Of course, I didn’t really have a teacher, and pretty much had to learn new stitches and techniques myself over the years.  And the ‘Interwebz’ was not really an option waaaaaay back then.  I was lucky to be able to use a computer at the school to type up a paper, forget having one at home!  I suppose I never realized the little things I’ve picked up over the years.

But I know you’re dying of curiosity, so here are pics for the sake of comparison:

Example from the 90s

Current example

All I can say is, don’t get discouraged if you are a new stitcher.  After all, as long as the front of your design looks nice, that is all anyone will ever see.

Until, of course, you re-frame it in 20 or 30 years…


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