Dying to share…

So I occasionally dabble in dying cross stitch fabric.  Not anything serious, I just get the yen to put colors together sometimes and see what happens.  I’m sure I’ll end up using the resulting fabrics eventually!

Anyway, here is one of my favorites that I have done using brown, peach and green dyes:

I feel compelled to offer a word of caution, though.  If you happen to have leftover dyes in cups that you want to keep and use for another round of dying the next day, and decide to store those cups on the counter in your bathroom, you should really remember to close the door.  Otherwise, there is the slightest possibility that your cat will decide to get a little curious about the contents of the cups, and you will later discover that somehow little brown paw prints have mysteriously appeared all over your counter, toilet, bathtub and floor.

Not that I know this from personal experience or anything…



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